ISB Database

The ISB database contains statistics from more than 200.000 players, 7.000 clubs, 500 national teams (from U16) and 300 competitions worldwide. The huge amount of data is filtered using personal memolists and a variety of football-specific search options, as specified by the user and displayed clearly. Wherever the user is located, the player of his interest is only one click away.


ISB Matchpilot

With the unique ISB Matchpilot users do not have to spend hours in planning routes anymore. The tool uses the fixtures and stadium coordinates from the ISB database to propose schedules for specific dates at selected locations.


ISB Newsletter

The ISB Talent Newsletter provides weekly information on debutants and young players regularly appearing in professional leagues. Thus ISB customers become aware of new names, players can be added to their personal memolist or analyzed in videos.


ISB Youth und Academy Management

The ISB Youth Database organizes youth teams and almost all tasks in academies. This exclusive software for ISB customers manages performances as well as clothing sizes, lesson plans, training areas and vans.


ISB is made in Germany.

The complex system is based on the latest high-performance server technology and guarantees smooth operation on a high technical level. ISB stands for speed, flexibility, efficiency and data security.


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